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What to Expect During your Pool Build

So you've decided to build a pool, you've chosen a swimming pool contractor and checked their credentials, and you now have no idea what comes next. The phases described below may vary from pool builder to pool builder.

Layout & Design

This phase is the design and layout of your new pool once you have a permit. Things to consider would be yard elevations, existing landscape, existing electrical and plumbing lines, set backs from your house and any property and easement lines.

Excavation & Concrete

Shell Once layout is approved, construction begins with the excavation of the dirt and shaping the swimming pool to the specific design and depth. This formally begins the process and will cause your backyard to look as if a bomb went off! Once the dirt is excavated and inspected by your local building department, concrete will be shot into the hole forming the "shell" of the pool.

Plumbing, Tile & Electrical

After the concrete is poured, the tile you have chosen and the plumbing lines will be installed. It's important to have a schematic of the plumbing lines kept on file for future reference. Next, a certified electrician will come in and run the necessary electrical conduit and wire.


Layout and form work begins on your decking after electrical has been completed. You may have chosen a concrete deck or a paver deck - installations are different for each and your contractor will explain those installation processes. Also, consider at this point if you need water or electrical lines run under your deck into any planters you may have.

Filtration Equipment

Once your deck is installed, the plumbing or filtration equipment will be installed and final wiring hook up by the electrician. If your house is under construction, have your electrician run conduit lines from where your pool equipment will set outside, to your breaker panel in the house. Also, have a line run from your equipment to a wall switch inside your home to control your pool light or for computer automation. These two things will save time, money and destruction later when you house is complete and the pool goes in.

Interior Finish

Lastly, the interior finish of the pool will be installed. All interior finishes are not created equal. Standard finishes are "exposed aggregate" materials and "marcite". There are several types and some come with limited lifetime warranties. Be sure to ask your pool builder about these beautiful and higher quality finishes. This is also the time to ask about tile mosaics if want to use to dress up the interior. You can put all types of designs with mosaics such as dophins, turtles and other water creatures that kids will like. Once the interior finish is complete your swimming pool is filled and ready for the start up process.

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