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A Few Popular Water Features for Your Swimming Pool

It’s every homeowner’s dream: a pool that transforms a boring backyard into a personal Caribbean resort. From waterfalls to sprays, moving and flowing water tends to have a calming, mood- altering effect and in a twist on the old adage: A little bit of water can go a long way.

Starting from simple to more complex and pricey, here are some popular water features and possibilities:


With the installation of a basic nozzle, water can trickle, shoot or gush out of and/or into your pool. Spray nozzles that are placed in pool floors can bubble up or shoot far into the air. They can also be used to hide in shrubs or planters and send arcing or falling water into the pool. Your pool builder, landscaper or the supplier of the nozzle can recommend the right pool/water hardware needed to create your backyard paradise.

Sheet Falls

Elegant, thin walls of water can be integrated into any project, from the most basic to the most extravagant. No matter where your property is on the simple-to-spectacular spectrum, the mechanism used to produce a sheetfall is the same: behind the luxurious film of water is a set of plastic or steel strips designed to spread water and to restrict turbulence, giving a delicate, smooth look. These components range in size from four inches to dozens of feet across. Although the strips are generally straight, they can also be made to curve to a designer's (or your) specifications.


Fountains just aren’t what they used to be! Fish, dolphins, frogs, pirates, mermaids – if it can accommodate a spigot, it can become a fountain. And fountain designs need not be limited to aquatic themes. When discussing fountain options with a pool builder or pool contractor, keep in mind that a fountain may be self-contained (it does not share water with the pool) or integrated (pool water may travel through it).

Rock Waterfalls

Rock waterfalls come in many shapes and configurations. Some opt for a prefabricated, one-piece unit that sits at the pool's edge. Rock waterfalls can also be very elaborate. Rocks with built-in fountains can rise out of the pool or surround it, transforming the setting into a secluded area. Huge natural boulders may also be excavated and secured in place to create just the right flow.

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