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The Five Types of Home Swimming Pools

The Top 5 Pool Types and What is Best – To Each His Own

When it comes to building a pool, potential pool owners are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options that they have. There are many different types of pools, and there are many options for features and installation as well. They need to choose what type of pool would work best with the space that they have, and they need to decide what kind of a pool they can afford, since swimming pools can be so expensive. Knowing the top 5 pool types and what is best can be a great help in making a decision about what type of pool to get.

The top 5 pool types and what is best are basically based on the 5 pool types that are actually available. These are the main 5 pool types that you can have installed in your backyard and that are approved for use as swimming pools in most states, counties, and cities in the United States. Different people have different needs and different parameters, so it's important to know the pros and cons of each type of swimming pool before you decide what kind of swimming pool is best for you and your family to install in your backyard.

Above Ground Swimming Pools

1. Above-ground pools. Above-ground pools are popular for a variety of different reasons. They are easy to install and easy to take apart. They are the least expensive of the top 5 pool types and what is best. They are not as permanent, so that makes it possible for you to take your pool with you if you ever move. Many people like the flexibility that an above-ground pool offers. Some people keep the same above-ground pools as they move around the country, even. These are an excellent choice for those with limited budgets and resources who still want a swimming pool.

Above-ground pools are the cheapest of the top 5 pool types. This is what makes it one of the most popular pool types. The construction and installation cost is also low. Some of them are so easy to install that people opt to do it themselves instead of hiring a professional installer to come in and do it for them. They are easy to clean and easy to maintain as well. And if something breaks, replacement parts are readily available, and replacements and repairs can often be done by the pool owner himself as well. And because they're smaller, they're also a popular option for people with limited space.

But one of the cons of getting an above-ground pool is their size. They're much smaller than built-in pools are. They're good for recreational use, but not for exercise, since they're so small. They're also not as durable as in-ground pools. They come with moving parts and those moving parts can get broken. They're also not as attractive as in-ground pools, since you have to look over the edge in order to see the water in them. But of the top 5 pool types it's still a valid option and, for some people, the only option.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools

2. Fiberglass pools. The most affordable in-ground option of the top 5 pool types and what is best has to be the fiberglass pool. Made of plastic that is reinforced with fiberglass, this pool type is molded into a basin. A hole must be dug into the ground in the shape of the basin, plumbing must be run out to the pool location, a sand filler laid in the hole, and then the mold is dropped into the hole and filled with water. This is a relatively simple installation, although it does require quite a bit of labor.

This pool type is the least expensive in-ground option, and is much more attractive than the above-ground pool. It allows you to have the look of a built-in pool at a fraction of the price. They're also good for small spaces, since it's basically just a glorified hole in the ground. It's a relatively simple installation, and many people decide to go this route because it's also a very fast install. Of the top 5 pool types and what is best, this is the best option for those with limited space or budgets that have their hearts set on an in-ground pool.

The biggest con of this pool type is that it's not very durable. The fiberglass molding can be cracked and, if it is, it will leak water into the soil around it. Because of the chemicals in the water, this is more serious than just watering the grass. Fortunately, it's also easy to replace because of its simple construction. As the top 5 pool types and what is best go, this is one of the lowest-maintenance options.

Vinyl-Lined Swimming Pools

3. Vinyl-lined in-ground pools. Vinyl-lined in-ground pools are a cut above fiberglass in-ground pools in a variety of ways. They're more durable, they look better, are more structurally sound, and can be larger than fiberglass pools usually are. Of the top 5 pool types and what is best, this pool is the most balanced option in terms of weighing looks and durability versus budget and size. You can get a vinyl-lined in-ground pool in just about any size, and it's closer to the look of a traditional in-ground pool than a fiberglass pool is. If you're not quite sure what you want, or if you want the traditional in-ground pool look, but can't afford it, then getting a vinyl-lined in-ground pool is an excellent alternative.

Vinyl-lined in-ground pools are very much like fiberglass in-ground pools in many ways. They are usually on the smaller side, since it's hard to make a mold of an Olympic-sized pool. They're dropped into what are essentially holes in the ground. But the structure of the vinyl-lined in-ground pool is a little more stable than the structure of the fiberglass in-ground pool, since it is attached to a wood, metal, or plastic frame that's dropped into the hole to keep it in place. It's also stronger and sturdier than its cousin on the list of the top 5 pool types and what is best.

But its place in the middle of the road is also one of its cons. It's not a particular value, and it's not the strongest or most durable type of pool. It's more expensive than other options, and it can't be very big. It's an "almost there" pool that has almost all of the features that you really want in a pool. Some people still find it a great bargain for the money, and the look is certainly closer to the more expensive options among the top 5 pool types and what is best.

Gunite Swimming Pools

4. Gunite pools. Gunite is a mixture of cement and sand, and gunite pools are the most popular pool type on the list of the top 5 pool types and what is best. When you think of a traditional in-ground pool, chances are that you're thinking of a gunite pool. These pools can be expensive, but they're also extremely durable, and can be built in just about any shape or size. They offer a lot of versatility, and can be customized in many different ways for different customers.

The construction of a gunite pool can be an ordeal, and it does take a longer time to install than the cheaper options on the list of the top 5 pool types and what is best. First, a hole must be dug into the ground in the shape and size of the pool. The plumbing must be run out to the pool location. Then, a framework of rebar is laid in the hole and secured together with wire. The gunite is mixed with water and immediately sprayed over the rebar framework. It's then troweled smooth and allowed to set for a week before a smooth surface is applied.

The options are endless when you're working with a gunite pool. Most people choose to plaster over the gunite surface, and this is the look of the traditional in-ground pool. But you can also choose to simply paint it over with a special concrete paint. Some people want tile work added to the floor of the pool. Some want the entire pool to be tiled in. They're more customizable than any of the other pools on the list of the top 5 pool types and what is best. It's no wonder that they're the most popular pool type in the United States.

The main downside to getting a gunite pool is its price. Gunite pools are expensive, and they also take a lot of time to install. Even if you have the room for a large pool in your backyard, you may not be able to afford a gunite pool that size; you may need to downsize in order to stay within your budget. While they are popular, not everyone can afford them. But they are still the most popular option of the top 5 pool types and what is best.

Poured Concrete Swimming Pools

5. Poured-concrete pools. Poured concrete pools are the last of the top 5 pool types and what is best. They're actually quite rare because most people would prefer to get a gunite pool and don't know or care about the difference between a gunite pool and a poured-concrete pool. With the rise of gunite pools, this pool type is starting to die out, but there are still companies that will build this type of pool for you if you really want it. But because they're so expensive and labor-intensive, they're the least popular pool type of the top 5 types.

Poured-concrete pools are very much like gunite pools in their construction. They start out by digging a hole in the size and shape of the pool, and then lay plumbing out to the pool location. But instead of laying rebar as a framework, a poured-concrete pool uses a traditional wooden framework or masonry blocks in order to stabilize the shape of the pool. This is both the most time- and labor-intensive construction of the top 5 pool types and what is best. But it does result in the sturdiest pool type, which might be useful in places like California that are prone to earthquakes.

But they are really not significantly sturdier than gunite pools, so the construction of poured-concrete pools has fallen largely to the wayside. They are quickly fading in popularity. And, on top of everything else, they are still more expensive than most gunite pools. It is no surprise, then, that poured-concrete pools are dwindling in popularity, while gunite pools continue to enjoy popularity and a prime spot on the list of the top 5 pool types and what is best. Most experts believe that this pool type will gradually die out and be replaced by gunite pools.

Aside from the top 5 pool types and what is best, there are also some new pool types emerging that may someday take their place on this list. One of the most popular new pool types is the endless pool, which is a small pool that is only long enough for a grown man to stretch out in. The pool produces a current for the swimmer to swim against so that even people that only have room enough for a small pool can enjoy the exercise benefits of having a full-sized pool in their backyard. But they aren't very effective for recreational swimming, since they only fit one person at a time.

Knowing more about the top 5 pool types and what is best should help you to choose the pool type that is best for you. You should be able to ascertain how much space and money you have to dedicate to this project and decide what type of pool can help you to get the most for your money. It's fortunate that there are so many options available for people who want to become pool owners. Hopefully, this list can help you to decide just how much pool you can afford.

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