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Why You Should Include a Waterfall in your New Pool Design

When you are discussing your new pool design with the pool company, you will want to ask about adding a waterfall to your pool. It can seem like an added expense to have a waterfall as part of your pool design, but it can actually serve a practical function that makes it a good investment. The fact that the waterfall can be made to look like a luxurious addition to your pool design is just an added benefit. But a waterfall can make your pool look like the height of design luxury and add a little touch of class to your pool as well.

The functional part of a waterfall can come from running the filtration through the waterfall after the water has been filtered. In some cases, you can actually filter more water at a faster pace when you have a waterfall design. The filter takes in the water, filters it and then releases it through the waterfall. It keeps the clean water flowing and allows you to be able to keep the bugs and other debris out of your pool that can do damage to your pool and make it look less than inviting.

Waterfalls can come in a variety of designs that will add to the d├ęcor of your pool. Some people prefer a lazy and winding waterfall that moves its way down a well-design stack of large rocks, while other people want their waterfall to look contemporary and create a sheet of falling water that meets the pool's surface. You can also use your waterfall as a way to maintain the level of water in your pool. As you add more people to the pool, the extra water displacement can flow over your waterfall. It becomes a way for you to maintain your pool properly while adding that little something special that people will remember.

The conversation value of a pool waterfall alone makes it a great design attribute to add to your pool. With some inexpensive enhancements, you can make your waterfall look like the most elaborate design in the neighborhood. The functionality of a waterfall enhanced by its novelty, make it something that every homeowner should consider. You can add value and excitement to your pool design when you decide to include a waterfall. Take the time to discuss your waterfall options with your pool designer as you start to piece together your ideal pool configuration.

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