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Discounted Pool Quotes in the Winter Season

The off season is a great time to contact swimming pool contractors. They are not as busy in the winter and the swimming pool costs can be reduced when demand is not high. You can have your pool ready for the summer heat long before the great weather hits. It helps if you live in a place where the ground doesn’t freeze solid in the winter. Mild weather is sometimes a requirement for installation of swimming pools. But it is worth the hassle of winter work since the price can be more affordable.

Obviously, there is some swimming pool business in the winter. However, it may be impossible to install a pool if the ground is frozen cold and hard. The expansion and contraction caused by temperature change can damage a pool if it is installed at the wrong time of year. In places that have mild winters where the ground temperature does not change much, installing a pool may still be accessible. Swimming pool contractors can let you know when the time is right. In the off season, they are very willing to help you organize your plans whether or not construction can start right away.

Even if swimming pool contractors can’t start construction in the winter, there are plenty of other things you can do in the off season. You can design your pool and get measurements of your backyard. You can choose materials and plan landscaping. Many contractors will allow you to lock in the off season price even if you plan construction during better weather. Some will require that you make a deposit in the off season then pay the rest when the pool is complete. It should only be a small down payment, and you should have a contract with well described pricing on it. Even if construction doesn’t start for a while, it really saves money to think about it, and do something about it in the winter. They will all respond favorably to quoting now (assuming you are reading this in the winter) and getting jobs lined up for early spring.

It can save thousands of dollars in swimming pool costs to plan for your pool in the off season. Don’t forget that winter is the off season for construction on the whole. You may be able to get steep discounts on materials purchased in the off season. This could save you further money. All you need is a place to keep the materials. Or if your contractor will be handling the materials for you, ask if you can get an off season discount for materials.

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